Hi everyoneSo, …

Hi everyone So, today our campaign starts in earnest. We’ll be sending out press releases, and using Twitter, Facebook and as many other tools as possible to help raise awareness for our appeal. The past few days have been a bit of a blur. We have just over three weeks left to raise the money … Continue reading

Hello world!

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Star Struck?

Is it possible to meet a personal hero and not be disappointed?   After meeting Andrei Alexandrescu last night, chatting with him for the better part of 45 minutes, and walking away with all my expectations exceeded I’m convinced you can.   Not only is he ridiculously intelligent, he is also a really nice guy.  

My year of silence is over

I hadn’t realised how busy I’d become, and how much I’d been completely sucked into Facebook. I’m currently at the excellent ACCU conference, and as a consequence have managed to find some spare time to get onto my ‘Space’ to update it. To my surprise the last time I logged onto this was over a year … Continue reading

Deferring London Marathon

Unfortunately I busted my medial ligament in Andorra, won’t be healed for another 3-4 weeks, therefore I am deferring my London Marathon entry to next year.